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MOTIVATION: For Those Who Had Hard Luck This Time, Prelims 2016!
01 December 2016

There’s no such thing as failure, It is just a wait for success! So the bitter truth is out, and you haven’t cleared prelims! What next? 



You can stare at your beautiful plan for mains preparation and curse your luck, the way you prepared, the books you read that you didn’t make it through, or you can take a day, understand yourself that it was a matter of negligence from your own end and start analyzing your mistakes. Choice is yours to make!

This article isn’t for the group of people who fall in the former category. 

This article is not for the people who cannot be changed! The latter ones read ahead.

Relax! You are not alone. Thousands of others didn’t make it. Some of them did. You need to be calm and composed and congratulate yourself that at least you dared! You dared to dream.

You dared and went to write the exam on that Sunday. By doing it, you brought yourself a step closer to a phase wherein you can at least analyse why you didn’t clear the exam!

Think of lakhs of those people who fill the form and decide not to appear for it for the fear of lack of preparation. They are still a step behind you. So you don’t need to feel let down by this disappointment of not clearing the prelims.

This is the time that is going to make or break your course of preparation. Either you can start from scratch, follow the same rote strategy that you applied earlier that couldn’t let you clear prelims or make a smart move and alter your strategy to the need of the hour.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end”


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