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A Nationwide Quest To Select AK-EDUSAT TEAM,  01 December 2016

His Excellency Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, the Former President of India and a world-renowned Space Scientist, was keen on encouraging the students in India to take active interest in the emerging Technologies, including Space Tech, as these significantly impact our daily lives. For India to continue to make impressive strides and leadership role in Space Technology, the youth of India must get interested, and deeply involved in Space Technology, Cube Satellites, Micro-gravity Research, etc. This nationwide competition is to encourage and stimulate that enthusiasm in Space Technology and operational Cube Satellites among the youth of India, as envisioned by Dr. Abdul Kalam.

  • 'Abdul Kalam Vision India Movement', Chennai, TN, India (AKVIM)
  • 'Aeolus Aero Tech Pvt. Ltd,' Bengaluru, India (AAT)
  • Retired Scientists, from ISRO and Space Tech Experts - India, collaborating with AAT
  • International 'We Serve' Foundation, Inc., Lexington, KY, USA (IWSF)

Objectives A Nationwide Quest To Select AK-EDUSAT TEAM

To encourage students in India pursue a career in Space Technology

To identify through a national contest, TEN (10) Student-teams in India (ii) to be guided and mentored by reputed Space Technology Experts (iii) to design, develop, validate an operational Cube Satellite 'AK-EDU-SAT-001'. Once completed and is proven to be fully operational, suitable for deployment, the Promoters shall recognize the teams appropriately for their historic participation. This contest shall provide an interactive, high-tempo, dynamic opportunity for students in high schools and colleges in India to participate in a nation-wide competition.

To launch a CubeSat to enhance education and Knowledge Connectivity (subject to several external factors described below)

The Promoters provide their services and expertise totally free. They seek sufficient funds to cover the financial needs of the entire project, (including, but not limited to) (i) the actual cost of hardware & software (ii) validation (iii) recognize the participating teams (iv) fees for licensing / approvals (v) liability other insurance (vi) ground station set up (vii) global relay network (viii) plan, arrange and successfully launch the 'AK-EDU-SAT-001', (ix) receiving stations all over India, (x) install, operate and maintain the entire system for a minimum of five years, etc.

To network all digital learning facilities in India
(i) Seek the approval from respective Regional / National / International authorities, and regulatory bodies, to launch the 'AK-EDU-SAT-001' (ii) Arrange successful Cube-Sat launch (iii) establish V-Sat connectivity with Smart Classrooms, Digital Libraries, Dynamic Knowledge Centers, Rural & Urban Women Empowerment Centers, Rural & Urban Youth Skills Development Centers, Adult Education Centers, Rural, Urban & Mobile Tele-Medicine connectivity, etc.

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